Advent Devotionals

One of the popular seasons in the church year among the Catholics and the Protestants is the advent. However, there are many who wonder who do not know about it. In order for one to gain an in-depth understanding of the advent, it is crucial to the knowledge of the church year since it is an important aspect of the doctrine of the Christians. By using the advent devotionals, Christians can use the tool deepen the spiritual and prayer life. Even those that are not Christians can benefit from the advent season.

Advent comes from a Latin word that means arrival. The arrival is that of Jesus Christ. The official color that is used for this season is purple except for the advent week when pink is used. The season is observed four Sundays before the day of Christmas and lasts for four weeks. It normally observed beginning from the end of November or early December depending on the calendar. Not many people are aware that according to the Catholic and Protestant churches, Christmas begins on Christmas day and goes on for several weeks. To most Americans, Christmas begins in October. This makes most modern people not to understand the advent because for them the advent happens when Christmas begins. The truth, however, is that the advent is different from Christmas and the focus of the advent is distinct.

The advent is a period hoping and expecting the coming of Christ for the first time. The advent is about commemorating the hundreds of years of waiting for the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. Advent, therefore, the period that leads to Christmas. During the time of the advent which is a few weeks before Christmas, Christians eagerly wait for the birth of Christ. The whole point of the advent, therefore, is to symbolically wait for Christmas

Not only is the advent of waiting for the first coming of the Christ, but is also about his second coming. This is the theme of the Advent season. It is for this reason that the scripture readings made at this time relate to Christ's second coming. This symbolizes the wait for Jesus together with those who lived before him. There are two major themes that are woven into one. Among the Catholics, it is a less festive season and a time to be soberer which precedes the joyful celebrations of the Christmas season. During the advent seasons, the theme of repentance is emphasized in the advent devotional.